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Sophie Calle - Des Journèes Sous Le Signe Du B, Du C, Du W (EN)

¥ 42,600

Digital print on fine art 100% cotton paper
70 x 50 cm / 27,5 x 19,6 in
Edition of 150 copies in French and 150 copies in English
This edition comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the artist

English version


70 x 50 cm
エディション フランス語版150枚、英語版150枚


Text of the print in english version :

"In his novel Leviathan, Paul Auster describes Maria:
"At other times, she would make divisions based on the letters of the alphabet. Whole days would be spent
under the spell of b, or c, or w."
To be like Maria I spent the day of March 10, 1998 under the sign of B.
B for Beauty and Bestiary, for Bat, Batman, Boar, Bull, for Bug, Badger, Bray, Bellow, Bleat, Bark, for Beastly Birdbrain, for BB."

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